Kellogg Holiday Party at the Rantas

Back on November 23, 2014, Euni and Eric hosted our annual holiday party for the Kellogg crew. This was our first time meeting baby Ellie. The Logan-Longs also made the trek down from Marin. Rhonda, Ky and Malia made the long, long trek down from Seattle and it was so good to see them and give them a hug.

Also making an appearance was a giant d!ldo in Euni’s cupboard, which she tried to blame on Michelle, who wasn’t even there. The beautiful Orlando Bloom pillow re-appeared, giving hope that the old music box might also be re-gifted, but alas, it was not meant to be (yet). Tony took the opportunity to clean out his drawers and I ended up with a box of floppy disks (high density), 10 of which might not hold one of these photos in raw format. I think they were also older than some of my co-workers. From the photos, it’s clear Noah was the big winner.

Happy Holidays and thanks to the Rantas for hosting!

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