Kellogg 5-Year Reunion

Although Grace and I lived in Chicago at the same time, this past weekend was the first time we’ve traveled there together. The occasion was my 5-year Kellogg reunion. It really is hard to believe it has been five years, but I guess a lot has happened during that time. It was fun showing Grace around Evanston and I was also happy to have her meet many of my classmates who do not live in the Bay Area. By the end of the weekend, I’m sure Grace heard enough of our old stories (mostly made up ones about so-and-so chasing undergrads), but it was good for her to see how worthwhile my Kellogg experience was, especially because she’ll be helping me pay for it for many years to come. Thanks, Grace!

Aside from catching up with many old friends, highlights included:

  • Meeting significant others and babies!
  • Special K followed by a great meal at Pete Millers on Friday
  • Watching Tony D. work an undergrad or two at Bar Louie
  • Not closing down “The Deuce” – sorry, Grace is getting old
  • “Forbidden Donut” reunion tour at Harry Carey’s
  • Winning game 1 of bowling at 10 Pin with a clutch 10th frame (and almost getting a turkey in the 10th of game 2) – see, throwing the ball as fast as possible does work sometimes
  • Late night Korean food on Lawrence Street – just like old times
  • Staying at the Fairmont, which was in my pre-Kellogg neighborhood (directly across from the building in which I lived and adjacent to where I worked for 1.5 years and hence all the random pictures of downtown)