Half Moon Bay Staycation with Julie and Albert

This weekend, we were supposed to share a house in Tahoe with Julie and Albert’s family. While the rain is welcome here in California, it unfortunately didn’t turn into snow at Northstar, so we took a literal rain-check on that trip. The kids were all disappointed by this turn of events.

On the positive side, Albert and his brother, Mike, had a really big week at work (understatement) when it was announced that their little startup (understatement) was being acquired by a major sports company (understatement). Even though Tahoe wasn’t going to work out, they deservedly wanted to celebrate and invited us along on their weekend staycation in Half Moon Bay.

The Olivias had a birthday party to attend, so Albert and I stayed behind while Julie and Grace took the other kids to the hotel. Albert and I basically ended up having an eight-hour man-date, as the ladies went to the spa before dinner. Thankfully our sitter, Haruka, came and took the kids to the beach for a bit, otherwise the entire weekend could have been called, “oceanside kids on their devices.”

Knowing the incalculable sacrifices both Julie and Albert have made to get to this milestone, we could not be happier for them. Equally amazing is the greatness achieved by these two brothers who boot-strapped this thing into the dominant player by a wide margin. And most inspiring and reassuring for me is to see people who are both gentle and kind make it big in this often crazy game we play.

Thank you again for including and hosting us in your celebration. The kids had a great time together and we’ll always be up for adjoining rooms, though next time we need to make sure Julie gets a bed! Congratulations!