Farewell, Snickers.

Dear Snickers,

Yesterday, you left us. We’re relieved that you are resting now. 19 years was a great long life and we’re thankful our whole family was able to get to know you.

Even though you spent much of your life under the bed (or under the covers!), looking back we can see you were ever present. You had your loveys and blankies long before the kids came along and claimed theirs. When Olivia and Lucas did arrive, you put up with much prodding and poking. I think there was also a lot of petting, too.

You’ll always be my first cat, Lucas and Olivia’s first pet, and one of Grace’s best friends in life. We’ll never be the five of us in a bed again. We’re all going to miss you a lot, little buddy.


Olivia, Lucas, Mom and Dad