Clarence and Hallie made a last minute trip to Michigan to surprise Andrew at camp. We spent our time together showing the kids how we spent our youth, including a visit to my elementary school, which is right behind my house.

Clarence attended U of M for a year of graduate school. It was great for us to be there together and I always marveled at how he actually understood what I was learning (enough for him to try to explain it to me at the UGLi). He wanted to show Hallie the greatest university in the world, so we went to Ann Arbor on Saturday for lunch and a short tour. The kids didn’t tire of M-Den and we all got some more gear.

After Andrew and his friend, Alex, got back from camp, we hung out at home. Andrew and Alex are on the same baseball team back in Tenafly. Clarence and I decided to school them on the finer points of backyard baseball with a game of whiffleball. All of us played many games back there over the years (baseball bat and tennis ball). The big tree at the back of the yard was 2nd base – we improvised and didn’t know better.

In Michigan, summer nights last until well past 9pm, and we made use of every ounce of daylight. It’s a blessing to be able to not only relive your youth, but to also visit it from time to time. I’m also thankful for all the great cousin time we’ve been getting this year.

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