Christmas in Michigan

We flew to Detroit on December 22nd. Northwest graced us with their new pleather seating, which came in handy when Olivia spilled her drink on her seat. We had to change underwear and pants before we pushed back. Lucas was a little ornery, but managed to nap for a bit. Olivia on the other hand did not sleep a wink. I was excited to learn that Northwest also added Fresca to their beverage assortment. I was only able to enjoy my Fresca over crushed ice for a few moments when Olivia spilled most of it on my lap. I, however, did not have a change of clothing on me.

Santa went a little overboard with the kids this year. Thanks to all of our generous family for the thoughtful gifts. We’re going to have to leave a lot of all these fun toys here at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Merry Christmas!

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