Central Park Zoo

On Friday, June 4th, Charles and David came over in the morning before heading out to the wedding rehearsal in NJ. Jen also came over and we went to lunch at Brooklyn Diner. After lunch, we took the kids to the Central Park Zoo (who knew it was so close?). The only thing hotter than 86 degrees and 70+% humidity is going to the tropical exhibit in the exotic animal zoo on a day like that. It was suffocating. The penguin hall was a welcome change – I didn’t want to leave. Lucas never met an animal (or person) he didn’t like. He had so much fun feeding all of the animals. Olivia is a little more discriminating. She was bummed that there were no elephants.

Olivia second-guessed herself at the ice cream stand and changed her order to a sno-cone. Big mistake. It was a hunk of tasteless ice (I confirmed), so she got a do-over (Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake).

After three hours in the park, we were spent. What a great urban adventure!

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