Welcome Olivia Elise Rhee

On December 30th at 12:33am, Grace and I welcomed the arrival of our first child, Olivia Elise Rhee. Grace was an absolute superstar, and spent much of the 29th in labor. Despite all of her efforts (including 3 hours of pushing), Olivia decided she wanted the easy way out (c-section). Both mom and baby are doing very well. She is beautiful. Here are pictures of her first day.

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We’re Having a Girl!

I’ve been way, way behind in keeping up with graceandjason.com with everything that has been going on the past couple of months. Way back on August 11th, Grace had her second ultrasound, where we were told with some certainty that our baby is a girl. We’re both very excited for her arrival and continue to simply hope for good health for both her and Grace. Video (high | low) from the second ultrasound.

First Ultrasound

Grace and I are expecting our first baby around the first of the year. We’re very excited and are already thankful for the support of our family and friends. All we can hope for right now is a healthy baby and mom … so far so good. Here is video (high | low) from the first ultrasound.

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