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  • College Tours in LA


    College Tours in LA

    The kids had another day off from school, so we used it for a quick trip to LA to check some schools off the list. While I think both kids are very open to going “away” for school, I sense a new appreciation for life in California.

    We only had time to see the big schools. Both of them loved USC, but Liv was especially excited to learn about all the sites that stood in for fake-Yale in Gilmore Girls. It’s ironic that UCLA is coming at the end of our travels as the LA grandparents have lived and worked on campus for decades. Both campuses are beautiful and sell themselves.

    We actually spent the most time at Century City, though Lucas and I were not much help for prom-dress shopping. Most importantly, we had a nice dinner with Dave and LA grandma and grandpa. Sometimes an overnight is just the right amount of time for a trip.

  • Birthday Weekend in Tahoe


    Birthday Weekend in Tahoe

    The kids had three days off last week for conferences, which included 12 on our birthday. We enjoyed a great birthday dinner at Che Fico Parco Menlo. After one last conference on Thursday morning, we departed for a fairly easy drive to Tahoe.

    It was dumping snow for about two days, which made for some of the best conditions this season. Lucas had a bunch of friends at Palisades, so he spent the night there and skied with them on Saturday. When we woke up to 14″ of fresh snow and Olivia declared that she didn’t like skiing powder, she quickly plummeted down the rankings of favorite daughter. I skied the rest of the day myself in every glade I could find.

    On Sunday, Lucas and I went out for a couple hours to enjoy 6″ of fresh snow. It felt like a lot more and we were able to find plenty of fresh tracks on the back side. It was tough to leave such great conditions, but we ended the season on a very high note.

  • The Yoons Visiting From Hawaii


    The Yoons Visiting From Hawaii

    Dave and the family were on the West Coast touring schools. We were happy they had time to see us as the kids are now BFFs from SJC. We missed Paula and Luke. If anyone chooses a school around here, they always have a place to stay.

  • U of M Ski Trip to Tahoe – 2024


    U of M Ski Trip to Tahoe – 2024

    Matt invited the gang to Tahoma for a ski trip. While everyone wanted to be there, only four of the best managed to pull it off. Four is the number of sides to the puzzle we finished, as well as the perfect number for Euchre. We skied Palisades and Alpine Meadows before Jud had to head home.

    With only me, Matt & Ben left, we had to switch to Hearts and also to the slow and steady triples at Homewood. A big spring storm blew in and we had a top-five powder day, which was a first for Posse. We heard involuntary hooting and hollering all day, some of it coming from ourselves. Epic. It snowed even more on Saturday night, but we missed a likely legendary day to head home.

    Thanks, Blaine, for another amazing trip to the shore of Lake Tahoe. Hope we can get more guys next year!

  • WB Ski Trip to Utah – 2024


    WB Ski Trip to Utah – 2024

    I haven’t skied with this crew since our big trip to Austria in 2020. Looking back, we used to go to Utah pretty often together. We had 3 bluebird days at Canyons and Deer Valley. Somehow we managed to get on the mountain earlier on the morning we flew in than on the day we were staying 15 minutes away. This is not a first-chair group.

    As always, we enjoyed the turkey chili and several great meals around town. Hope we can get back on an annual schedule with this group (and our missing team members). We’re coming up on 50 years of friendship next year.

  • Ski Week in Tahoe with Moons – 2024


    Ski Week in Tahoe with Moons – 2024

    We were thankful to spend most of ski week up in Tahoe with the Moons. We had a couple powder days and a couple groomer days, which was perfect. The kids have yet to outgrow each other, but they may have outgrown us as they often preferred skiing with their friends on the mountain. Thanks, Moons, for another amazing week together.

  • U of M Ski Trip to Vail – 2024


    U of M Ski Trip to Vail – 2024

    Had another super fun trip to Vail with the Michigan crew. We were missing a few team members, but those who made it went as hard as they could, which means slow and steady. The snow was great and we covered the entire mountain.

    Durbin and Allard finally broke their winning streak. I’m not sure if unfeated is a word, but that’s what Lamar and I were. We visited some familiar establishments and everything was going smoothly until we made a wrong turn into The Red Lion on Saturday night. The Euchre tournament was suspended due to too many injured players.

    It’s been an exceptionally amazing year to be a Wolverine (basketball excepted), but it’s always great with these guys. I’m already looking forward to next year. GO BLUE!

  • Long Weekend in Tahoe


    Long Weekend in Tahoe

    Our ski season is off to a slow start. There wasn’t anywhere worth going during the holiday break, so we enjoyed some down time at home with Luna. Thankfully we finally got some snow last week so we headed up to Northstar for the weekend.

    I saw that Brian and Juliet were up there and I found them first thing on Saturday. We also found Liv’s friend, Sam, at the same time, so he joined us for the day. On Sunday, it finally happened – the kids ditched us to ski with their friends. Grace skied with me in the morning and I got in a few more runs after lunch. On Monday, just me and Lucas went out for a couple hours before the long drive home.

    We’re thankful for the snow they had and look forward to more of the mountain being open next time we head up.

  • U of M National Championship … at Home


    U of M National Championship … at Home

    Virtually everyone we knew was in Houston for the National Championship, except these guys. The Idemas were just coming home from a trip (through Houston?!?) and Shawn was in town for business. It was still fun to watch together and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

    GO BLUE!

  • Olivia’s 17th Birthday


    Olivia’s 17th Birthday

    The one upside of having nowhere to ski this holiday break was spending Olivia’s birthday at home. This is perhaps the first time in her life she was able to celebrate with her friends on her actual birthday. Last year we went to Che Fico in SF with my mom and Jen. This year, we went to the new Menlo Park location for the first time. We had room at the chef’s table for Olivia’s friends whose names start with “L.” Thanks to Landon, Lara, Leah, Lena and Logan for joining Liv, Lucas and us to celebrate!

    Happy 17th Birthday, Olivia! We love you so much.