My First Post from 36,500 FT.

I’m on my way to Asia for work and somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, I was inspired to put some of my movies up on the site. I still have some wedding and vacation movies to put together. As an aside, I have a middle seat on this 747, my ass is killing me, and I have another 7 hour flight to Bangkok ahead of me. The hot towel I just received somehow made me feel better – except now it’s cold – and my ass still hurts. Watch the movies.

Superbowl in Las Vegas

Given that Grace was away in Miami for her bachelorette weekend with the girls, I decided to do my own bachelor weekend (in anticipation of the real thing). What better way than to go “watch” the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, given the huge professional football fan that I am? Okay, I don’t know McNabb from McGriddle, but it was great to meet up with Chip, Dean, Al, Jin, and Brad, especially after not seeing Chip and Dean since college! Even after all these years, some things just don’t change. Publicly available pictures below – I don’t think a site exists that is appropriate for the others.

Another Keeper: BMW M Coupe

I’ve bought 3 cars in my life. All three have been very rare, arguably ugly, and often misunderstood German coupes. The first two were Audi Coupe Quattros – the second of which I have owned for almost 11 years. Only 1740 were ever imported into the US (my first was totalled, so at most 1739 are still on the road – likely far fewer). I just can’t bring myself to part with her – though the recent medical bills do make me wonder if it is time to pull the plug.

Last month, I stumbled across this M Coupe, which has been a dream since I first saw it. It fit all the criteria:

  • very rare: only about 674 examples in the US with the S54 engine (315 HP!)
  • arguably ugly: some say it looks like a shoe or a duck
  • certainly misunderstood: it was designed with function over form – love it or hate it, it goes and sounds like few cars do

I found this one on eBay and got a killer deal from a very nice guy in Louisville, KY.

Rose Bowl 2005

For the second year in a row, Grace and I went to see Michigan play in the Rose Bowl. Though we lost again, it was a great game. Jen, the Wolverine’s number one fan, of course made the trip to Pasedena. It was good to see her childhood friend Sheri (who claimed to be rooting for Michigan, despite being the one person we know who actually went to Texas). We were able to find Steve and Vickie for some pre-game tailgating and I also ran into Eddie Ahn (“Bug,” for those of you who knew him as a camper). I never get over how big the B1 Stealth Bomber is.

The Holidays in Southern California

Grace and I drove down to LA to spend the holidays with her family. Addy, Charles, Delaney, and Cameron came in from Kansas City and David came in from Philadelphia. It was my first time seeing Cameron and Delaney gets bigger and bigger every time I see her. The big bonus was puppy sitting for Ann and Jeremy’s new puppy, Murphy. He is a great little dog and everyone was pleased to have him around.