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Lucas’s 8th Birthday

After several days of celebrating, we had a family dinner at Il Fornaio and came home to open a few gifts. Happy Birthday, Lucas! We all love you so much.

Lucas’s 8th Birthday Party

After the controlled chaos of inviting every kid in Lucas’s grade over last year, we dialed it way back this year. Lucas is still really into Harry Potter, so we had a toned-down version of the party Olivia had last year. He had just a few of his buddies over for lunch, some activities, and a short screening of The Sorcerer’s Stone.

It was a nice afternoon with friends on a rainy afternoon. We thank Lucas’s friends for helping him celebrate turning 8 years old. Happy Birthday to our little big man.

Lucas’s 7th Birthday Party

Lucas turned 7 today. Seven! He wanted to invite both the girls and the boys from school to his party and he has buddies in both classes. So we invited 40 first-graders over … to our house.

Kate, our old nanny, planned and prepared all the details for Lucas’s Star Wars-themed extravaganza. Between the jumpy, crafts, Episode IV and a relay race, there were plenty of activities to keep the 30 or so kids who attended busy. In addition to my parents and Jen, we put all parents who were foolish kind enough to stick around to work! Thank you!

Despite many sideways glances (like, what were we thinking), Kate and Grace pulled it off and it seems like all the kids had a good time, especially the birthday boy. We haven’t told him yet that his party next year will be a sleep over with one friend, and by friend, we mean his sister. Just kidding!

Happy Birthday, Lucas! We love you so much.