APB: Lost Lovey!

Lucas’ lovey was nowhere to be found tonight. Olivia said she lost it at the swings. I wasn’t sure if the intel of a 3 1/2 year-old could be trusted, so we continued to look. Grace pinged the person who watched them today, but before we heard back, I had to go looking for it. At 10pm, armed with a flashlight, I drove over to Washington Park. I checked everywhere and peeked inside all the trash cans, but eventually gave up.

On the way home, I got a text from Grace that the lovey was indeed taken to the park, but its return could not be confirmed. I then felt compelled to go look again, and this time I actually went poking through all the garbage cans with a stick.

Lucas actually has two loveys – one green and one yellow. They are non-descript little rag dolls with no brand or other markings. We have no idea where they came from. Grace has searched high and low for replacements, wanting to avoid Olivia’s kitty debacle. My mother went so far as to knit him two replacements, and urged us to attach them to his real loveys. Unfortunately, Lucas would not give the impostors a second look.

To be honest, the yellow one has always been #2, which is why I didn’t go diving into the bottom of all the garbage cans with my hands (I can confirm that there was a lot of yogurt and diapers in every one). I also refrained from posting something on craigslist, when I saw that most of the lost items were dogs, cats and 14K gold keepsakes. Some of you may know that the lovey is worth more than its weight in gold. This is a dark day.

We still have hope that it will turn up.

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  1. This is why I don’t do loveys! My son has a blanket that he sleeps with, but it isn’t allowed out of the house, unless we are going on vacation and he needs it to sleep with.

  2. my blanket was lost when I was 8… it was heartbreaking! we were on vacay in mexico and it was taken with the sheets.

    As soon as my daughter developed an attachment to a blankie, I went out & bought a duplicate….and then went back to the store for at 3rd! It makes doing laundry easy though, I just swap out the dirty for a clean.

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