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Welcome to the personal website of Grace and Jason Rhee

Anniversary Dinner at Quince

On Wednesday, April 9th, Grace and I celebrated nine years together at Quince. It was my first time dining there. We're thankful for all that we have, especially each other.

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Brunch with Becca and Andrew

On April 5th, 2014, Becca and Andrew came over for brunch. They were some of our first visitors to the new house and this was our first time seeing them since their return from London. We're very happy they're back.

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Annual Carey School Auction

March 29, 2014 - Peninsula Country Club.

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Birthday Dinner

On March 27, 2014, Grace had just walked in the door from a work trip to London. We had dinner at our usual spot with the kids. It turned out to be a late dinner and the kids were fried, so we ended up taking our entrees to go. This is what birthdays are now, which is okay. Happy to be together on our birthdays.

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Golf at Olympic Club

Marty was in town with his family for a wedding. His friend Kirk invited us to play golf at Olympic Club on the Lake Course. Another unnamed participant joined us, who is coincidentally also a member. This took place on an undisclosed day to protect the working.

The last time I walked that course it was to watch the US Open. I have played the Ocean Course before, but the Lake Course is something special. After a par on the first hole, it was a rocky front 9. I shot 11 strokes better on the back and hit the last four greens in regulation, so that's what I'm going to remember. It was an awesome experience.

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Brunch with Moons

March 16, 2014 - Yank Sing at Rincon Center.

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Kids' First Piano Recital

On March 15, 2014, Olivia and Lucas had their first piano recital.  The piano in our house was just furniture for a year or two.  The kids started lessons last year and rarely practiced.  However, with their first recital approaching, something clicked, and both of them practiced often to perfect their pieces.  Lucas has a flair for the dramatic, particularly with his pauses and his bow.  Olivia seemed most happy when it was over.  They both did a great job, along with all of the other students.

The other students included Olivia L. and Ellie, who came over with their families later that afternoon.  Julie and Albert were super thoughtful and brought over dessert to celebrate our birthdays early.

[EDIT]: Video Added.

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Ski Trip to Utah with WB Boys

On Thursday, March 6th, the boys from West Bloomfield met in Utah again for our annual ski trip.  This year we were also celebrating Herb's engagement, which also brought Mike from Connecticut and Andy from retirement.  Another new attendee was Herb's hair - wow!

Friday, we skied at Deer Valley, seemingly because Scott wanted the famous "Deer Valley Turkey Chili."  It was very good.  Friday night, we went into Park City and had an amazing dinner at Riverhorse on Main.

Saturday, we got a much earlier start and were on the mountain at the Canyons by 9:30am.  It was a glorious day of skiing and sunshine.  Up until lunchtime, the seven of us skied together on every lift.  Afterwards, however, Andy and Scott peeled off and then Herb and Mike did, too.  We eventually all met up again for the last runs of the day.  We skied until the bitter end of the day and my EpicMix said we did 28.5K of vertical, which was pretty respectable.

It wasn't easy to find a Saturday reservation for seven people, so I booked us at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet.  There was some skepticism from the crew, but six of us enjoyed it very much.  Mike will be filing a lawsuit for an improperly shucked oyster.

Sunday, Mike and Andy left early for home.  Steve, Chris, Scott, Herb and I went back to Deer Valley for a short day of skiing.  We skied hard until lunch time and then went to the world famous buffet at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.  It did not disappoint.  I think I consumed 8,000 calories in 14 hours (after losing an hour of sleep).

That was the end of our epic ski weekend.  Being as how Herb is the last of our friends to get married, I'm not sure what excuse we can come up with to get together again next year, except perhaps 35 years of skiing together since Winter Walden and ski team.  See you then!

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Family Trip to Northstar at Tahoe

After our awesome ski trip last weekend, the kids were excited to head back to Tahoe.  Grace was up for making it a family trip this time.  We didn't commit to go until Thursday because of the weather and schedules.  I spent Monday and Tuesday negotiating with Lucas about ski school and he finally said, "okay, but just two more days," which was the number of days we planned to ski.

Last weekend, I was sandwiched between Olivia and Lucas on a murphy bed in a studio condo, 2 flights up, and a bus ride away from the mountain.  With Grace in tow, we somehow ended up at the Ritz-Carlton.  There were so many conveniences of staying there that I have no idea if I could ever go back:

  1. It's mid-mountain, where the snow and ski school are located
  2. The point about the ski school is actually moot, because they have classes that meet right outside the "Mountain Concierge"
  3. Said "Mountain Concierge" is where they keep your boots, shoes, etc. and place your skis and poles in the snow for you
  4. We never even made it down to the village the whole weekend, which saved me from the horrors of the bungee trampoline sideshow and the skating rink

Grace took it easy on Saturday.  Julie, Albert, and Albert's brother's family were all at Northstar, too, so we had dinner together on Saturday night.  Super apologies to the other parties sitting in our area.  One party only lasted until their water was poured before requesting a different table.

On Sunday, Grace rallied for an "Ultimate 4s" ski lesson, but she was the only one, so it was effectively private.  I spent the weekend skiing the same two runs on the back side.  After a quick stop at the room to get my goggles, I made it back to the same lift on the back side.  I was a single all weekend, listening to music, and in my own world.  I got on the quad and noticed the person on the end had the same skis Grace rented.  Then I noticed this person was also named Grace Rhee.  Hey!  I didn't expect to see her back there, so it was a funny coincidence.

Grace called it a day at lunch time and we met up with the Sutarias, who we ran into the day before.  We cleaned up, packed, got the kids, and were on the road by 4pm to make it to Lafayette to have dinner with Dave at Addy and Charles's house.

It was a short but wonderful family trip together.  Both kids have turned the corner on ski school and even Lucas is enjoying it and can't wait for our next ski adventure.  I'm hoping for a late season so we can make it happen.

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Jen W's Birthday Party at Melissa's

Melissa hosted a lovely birthday party for Jen at her beautiful home.  When I say lovely, I mean the 5 kinds of wings, 10 kinds of mac and cheese, 12 kinds of ice cream, a cake and a pie.

Brian was pensive, soaking it all in.

Thanks, Melissa, for a fun evening.  Happy Birthday, Jen!

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