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Welcome to the personal website of Grace and Jason Rhee

Birthday Dinner at Gary Danko

Today was Grace's birthday (and mine). This year, she was determined to make it "my" birthday because she thought it was a big one. She had planned a very thoughtful getaway to Carmel Valley Ranch, which included unlimited golf.

Something came up and we weren't able to go. Not only was she super understanding, but within 24 hours, she was able to get us a reservation at Gary Danko though a FOG (friend of Gary - thanks Adon!). We've been meaning to go for years, but was just waiting for a special occasion. I guess this was it.

Thanks, Grace, for another awesome birthday together!

By Jason Rhee · March 28, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Jea, Eddie and Family Visit San Francisco

Jea and Eddie brought the kids to California for Spring break, which included a few days in SF. The kids wanted to stop by "uncle Jason's work," so I gave them the nickel tour. Grace brought the kids up to the city and we all had dinner together at Epic Roasthouse, which is a great spot for out-of-town guests.

On Thursday, everyone came over to our house for dinner. Grace cooked an amazing dinner for us and the kids had a great time playing together. Thanks, Lees, for making time for us on your vacation!

By Jason Rhee · March 20, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Northstar at Tahoe with Julie and Albert

This past weekend was our "rain check" trip to Northstar with Julie and Albert. We had rented a house earlier in the season, which we couldn't get out of. Albert was traveling, so they almost didn't make it, but we're really glad they did. On Friday after we arrived, we had dinner in the village.

On Saturday, the Olivias had a half-day lesson together as did Ellie and Lucas. Theo skied with Julie and Albert and I skied with Grace. I peeled off for a bit before lunch to do my regular runs on Burnout. After lunch, we all skied a few more runs before heading back to the house.

The house was definitely the nicest we've ever rented up there. There were plenty of bedrooms. Somehow, the sleeping arrangements on the first night were the same as the ski lesson groups. I'm not sure how long Albert will allow Ellie and Lucas to bunk up. They are two peas in a pod at school, which is super cute.

On Saturday, we braved the hot tub (who knows what's in there?). We ordered out food from the village and just ate at home. Everyone was pretty tired from the day and even the adults turned in early.

On Sunday, the Lees were going to head home. We were open to skiing but decided not to. It only got down to 43 overnight, so it was probably only going to be good in the very early hours. It also turned out to be a very windy day, so I'm glad we just hung out before heading home. We took the gondola up to the Ritz-Carlton to have brunch at Manzanita. There were very few people at the resort, which made it nice and quiet (until our crew came along).

We all headed home in the early afternoon and were home before dinner time. I'm glad it all worked out and we were able to take this trip together. The kids and adults all had a great time together. Until next time!

By Jason Rhee · March 18, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Squaw Valley with the Crowthers

This past weekend was the Carey School Ski trip. The Crowthers invited us to stay with them, which was our first winter trip to their Donner house. We didn't attend the trip last year, but a couple years ago there was a large turnout. This year there were fewer families, but it was still a great time.

Paige and Sam are on ski team at Squaw, so they were on a schedule. Olivia and Lucas graciously agreed to attend ski school on Saturday (not) so Grace and I skied together in the morning. We met up with Adrienne for lunch and then took Olivia out of school early to ski with us. Lucas was thrilled to hear this from Olivia later. At the end of the day, all the kids met up and John and I were able to take a few runs up Red Dog and KT. I did not keep up.

On Sunday, just our family skied together until lunch and then headed out. The snow was better than I thought it would be and it was still short-sleeve weather by afternoon. We headed home late afternoon and stopped in Sacramento for dinner.

Thanks, Crowthers, for another great Tahoe trip. It's always great to get the families together. I will start training for our next adventure.

By Jason Rhee · March 10, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Deer Valley with WB Guys

This past weekend, the guys from West Bloomfield met up for our annual ski trip to Utah. While there was initially more enthusiasm from the bunch, in the end several people weren't able to make it. Thus, the team was Steve, Scott, Herb and me.

We stayed at our usual town house just outside of Park City. The entire trip was planned around the Sunday brunch buffet at The Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley. We committed to also ski there on Friday, leaving Saturday open to ski somewhere different.

After receiving some fresh snow at Deer Valley, it wasn't that compelling to go try the Canyons again. Because we have never skied consecutive days at Deer Valley before, we hadn't taken advantage of the complimentary ski storage (nor even noticed it). However, once it was discovered, that sealed the deal for skiing there all weekend as we saved ourselves the trouble of carrying our crap back and forth.

Another new development was our Saturday brunch buffet at the Montage, which was beautiful. Scott still stands by the famous Deer Valley turkey chili, which we ate on Friday. We also enjoyed some great dinners at some new restaurants in Park City.

It snowed even more on Saturday so Sunday morning we were out early for first tracks. It was probably the best conditions I've had all season and was a lot of fun. We all had afternoon flights so we headed out right after lunch.

Although the team was small this year, it was a perfect four for all the chair lifts and we were able to enjoy catching up. Hopefully next year we'll be back to full force. Discussions have started for an epic trip to celebrate our half centuries, which is now in sight. We're still negotiating skiing or golf. I'm up for both!

By Jason Rhee · March 4, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Kellogg Pizza Party

On Sunday, February 22nd, Warren was in town from Singapore, which always gets the gang together. Ky was coincidentally in town for dinner, so we had an impromptu SF roommate reunion. Esther and Jon brought baby Ellie over for a bit, which was a real treat - what a cutie!

By Jason Rhee · March 3, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Hang's Baby Shower

On Saturday, February 21st, we attended a baby shower for our dear friend, Hang. We all lived together back in the day when we moved to Burlingame. She and Huck have moved to a beautiful and serene home in Woodside, which has amazing views.

Best wishes, Hang and Huck!

By Jason Rhee · March 2, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Ski Week in Beaver Creek and Vail

While we were committed to skiing for the kids' ski week, we were not committed to Tahoe due to the ski conditions there this season. Eddie and his family have been enjoying Beaver Creek, so we decided to give it a try. It was snowing when we arrived and the Vail Pass was closed just as we approached it. Without local knowledge, we just did what Waze told us to do and ended up driving an extra 45 miles around the pass on white-knuckle, slow-paced roads. The most important thing was that we made it safely, but it was a long day of travel.

We stayed at the Westin, which was a very nice property, but required a bit of extra logistics to get everyone to ski school in the morning. The kids and Grace all attended school on Monday and Tuesday. I was alone and unsupervised, which allowed me to get some respectable vertical feet in between drop off and pick up. I had my greatest hits on shuffle on Spotify for two days straight and it was awesome.

On Wednesday, the kids had negotiated a family ski day, which was a lot of fun for all of us. At times, it ended up being Grace and Lucas and me and Olivia. Because they were relentless in beating me down on ski school, I thought carefully (but didn't consult an attorney) and came up with the following proposal. If either kid could ski three different black diamond runs without crying, falling or stopping, they would no longer need to attend ski school and I would happily ski with them wherever and whenever. Immediately upon putting it out there, they were trying to negotiate me down.

Olivia decided to test the challenge and wanted to ski President Ford's (the Wolverine connection was of course explained) at the end of Wednesday, which was a periodically steep groomer that turned into a blue at the bottom. I tried to say it didn't count, but in the end gave her half credit even though she did stop (not the most important requirement) and admitted she had some tears in her eyes, "but didn't cry." I was proud of her for trying and getting down nonetheless.

Between the Alpine World Ski Championships, which were finishing up just as we were leaving, and some other events at the hotel, we could only stay there through Thursday. However, we didn't want to cut our trip short, so we moved over to Vail for a night. On Thursday, Grace and the kids switched to ski school at Vail. The kids were resistant after recalling their last 4-day stints there a couple years ago.

I ended up hooking up with Arthur that day, which was part of my motivation of moving over to Vail. Unfortunately, Kjell was ill and didn't make it out. Arthur, as always, did his best to destroy my spirit while I did my best to keep up. We skied non-stop (no lunch, no water and I even had to pee in the woods). I survived the longest (unexpected) drop I can recall since my 20s as well as a slight groin pull.

The stinkers were a little leery of moving to the Four Seasons after our Santa Barbara experience. Thankfully, it exceeded their expectations (and ours). Although it isn't right next to the mountain, they more than make up for it with their shuttles and other services that make skiing in and out as painless as possible.

On Thursday night, we had dinner with Arthur, Heidi, Kjell, and their friends, Jean and Lars. We didn't have a sitter arranged, but Heidi was kind enough to let our kids join theirs for a few hours. The sitter literally had her hands full with Aurelia and the rest of the crew. We had an amazing and hilarious dinner at Left Bank. Arthur says he's never been there in 43 years, which is ironic because Grace and I went there a couple years ago. It has since been remodeled and was excellent. The boys all shared rack of lamb, while the ladies enjoyed beef and elk. Lars ordered wine and someone else ordered 9 desserts.

Friday was supposed to be another family ski day. We slept in and had a very leisurely breakfast. In the end, only Lucas wanted to ski with me. By the time we got to the top of the mountain, it was dumping snow. He wanted to show me a couple runs, but about a quarter of the way down, with a snow-covered face, he told me he was done. I told him we could try to ski the bottom of the mountain where it might be less snowy and he agreed. I knew he was fine because he talked non-stop on the way down, which I loved. I couldn't hear much, but what I did hear was about the trees (he didn't know what kind they were) and how they shared the same roots and were like one big tree covering the area of Rhode Island. When asked where he learned this, he couldn't recall. My other favorites were "hey, was that a bunny hole?" and "c'mon, Dad!" We stopped at the base for hot chocolate and Olivia and Grace ended up meeting us at The Red Lion. It was now snowing sideways at the base, so Lucas was done. Even though he only lasted one (long) run, it was one of my best days ever. I borrowed Lucas's goggles and headed to the top for one last epic run in 4-6 inches of fresh snow).

It was another slow and treacherous drive out of Vail, but we made it to the airport with several hours to spare and managed to have a civilized meal (after talking Olivia down from Panda Express). Lucas wanted to sit in the 2nd row of the airplane, but we were actually in last class. For some reason, he stayed up almost the entire flight and was barely conscious when we arrived past midnight. It was nice to be home after a great family vacation.

By Jason Rhee · February 21, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Golf at HMB with Albert

Albert invited me to play golf with his dad and his buddy, Brian. It was a glorious day of winter golf at the coast. My golf, however, was inglorious, which was totally fine with me on such a perfect day.

After picking up on 17, I hit a fine drive on 18. I love the finish on the old course at HMB. The only stressful thing is the gallery of hotel guests who sit outside. Even on a crappy day, there are people out there. On a day like today, I had never seen so many people out there. My approach can end up anywhere from the ravine, to the ocean, to another approach.

Today, I hit it right at the pin and heard it hit the flag or the stick, to which there was a slight roar from the gallery. When I got to my ball, it wasn't even on the green. As we drove away, someone stopped me and told me the ball landed a foot in front to the flag, hit it, and then rolled off. It was awesome, nonetheless. It's the only shot I need to remember from this day.

This is a excellent alternative to a crappy ski season in Northern California.

By Jason Rhee · February 14, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Half Moon Bay Staycation with Julie and Albert

This weekend, we were supposed to share a house in Tahoe with Julie and Albert's family. While the rain is welcome here in California, it unfortunately didn't turn into snow at Northstar, so we took a literal rain-check on that trip. The kids were all disappointed by this turn of events.

On the positive side, Albert and his brother, Mike, had a really big week at work (understatement) when it was announced that their little startup (understatement) was being acquired by a major sports company (understatement). Even though Tahoe wasn't going to work out, they deservedly wanted to celebrate and invited us along on their weekend staycation in Half Moon Bay.

The Olivias had a birthday party to attend, so Albert and I stayed behind while Julie and Grace took the other kids to the hotel. Albert and I basically ended up having an eight-hour man-date, as the ladies went to the spa before dinner. Thankfully our sitter, Haruka, came and took the kids to the beach for a bit, otherwise the entire weekend could have been called, "oceanside kids on their devices."

Knowing the incalculable sacrifices both Julie and Albert have made to get to this milestone, we could not be happier for them. Equally amazing is the greatness achieved by these two brothers who boot-strapped this thing into the dominant player by a wide margin. And most inspiring and reassuring for me is to see people who are both gentle and kind make it big in this often crazy game we play.

Thank you again for including and hosting us in your celebration. The kids had a great time together and we'll always be up for adjoining rooms, though next time we need to make sure Julie gets a bed! Congratulations!

By Jason Rhee · February 8, 2015 · 0 Comments ·