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Dinner with Michigan Gang

Beth, Ryan and Alex were visiting from the OC, so all the neighborhood kids and the Thornes from SF came over.  The Menlo Park crew were busy teeing it up at Pebble Beach, which is as good an excuse as I can think of.  We subconsciously planned this for a Sunday during a bye week for Michigan Football.  Why mix business with pleasure?

It was so nice to see the T'kindts, whom we miss very much.  It was also great to have the Thornes come down for the first time since moving back.  We're slowly building the crew back up.  It was fun to see all the kids together.

Thanks to Jen who took our group photo.  Everyone was looking at the camera, except for our little rascals!

Aw, what the heck, GO BLUE!

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Brunch with Aunt Jen

Sunday, October 19th at Mayfield Bakery & Cafe.  Jen made a surprise visit to SF.  Having a great weekend with her.

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Dinner with Chip, Hans, Greg and Posse

I haven't seen Chip since Vegas, nine years ago!  It was great having dinner with old friends.

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2014 Carey Walkfest

It was another beautiful, but hot day for the annual Carey School Walkfest.  Both kids achieved their goals and did a great job.  It's always a fun event for a very worthy cause!

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Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay

Came home with 5 great pumpkins on Saturday, October 11th.  Olivia got in a pony ride and the petting zoo while Lucas played in the jumpy.

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Farewell, Snickers.

Dear Snickers,

Yesterday, you left us.  We're relieved that you are resting now.  19 years was a great long life and we're thankful our whole family was able to get to know you.

Even though you spent much of your life under the bed (or under the covers!), looking back we can see you were ever present.  You had your loveys and blankies long before the kids came along and claimed theirs.  When Olivia and Lucas did arrive, you put up with much prodding and poking.  I think there was also a lot of petting, too.

You'll always be my first cat, Lucas and Olivia's first pet, and one of Grace's best friends in life.  We'll never be the five of us in a bed again.  We're all going to miss you a lot, little buddy.


Olivia, Lucas, Mom and Dad

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Happy Birthday, Julie and Albert!

We enjoyed celebrating with you!

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Happy Birthday, Melissa!

There are 3 things Melissa loves:

1. Surprises

2. Being the center of attention

3. Her photos on the internet

Today, in honor of her birthday, she has received all three.  Happy Birthday!

By Jason Rhee · September 24, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

POPSUGAR Family Dinner

On Saturday, September 20th, we finally had the POPSUGAR families over for dinner.  We tried and failed months ago.  Two things are hard: coordinating everyone's schedules and getting every kid to look at the camera at the same time.

We missed a few folks this gathering, but we'll try to do it again soon.  Thanks to everyone for coming down to the burbs.

By Jason Rhee · September 21, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Annual Las Vegas Trip

This past weekend we had our annual fall gathering in Las Vegas.  There are always a lot of schedules to coorindate.  Bobby, Eddie and I had been trying to schedule a guys golf trip all year.  Bobby happened to be coming to California for work, so we tried to schedule around that.  Fearing that we might not be able to do golf and Vegas, we decided to combine them into one trip.  I told Grace I preferred adults only.

When we were leaving Michigan back in August, I told Jen I'd see her in a few weeks.  Olivia picked up on this and said, "wait, what?"  I said we had an "adults only meeting."  Lucas ironically has been saying he wanted to go to Las Vegas for a while (it had been almost 2 years afterall).  When Grace finally told Olivia our "meeting" was in Las Vegas, she was upset.

Even after booking our flights, I sensed a lot of disappointment from all interested parties that the kids were not coming (including Aunt Jen).  I caved and we changed all of the travel arrangements to accomodate them.

This happened to be a huge fight weekend and room rates reflected this at our usual Encore/Wynn.  We decided to try the SLS, which just opened a few weeks ago.  After the opening, however, Jen found terrible reviews online so we made a game-time call to switch back to the Encore anyway.  It was the right decision.

The team this year included Ray, who was part of our original Vegas crew back in the early 2000s.  He hadn't been with us since 2003 and it was awesome to have him join us.  Next time he'll have to bring the whole family.

On Friday, we just hung out by the pool in the afternoon.  The kids can play in the water forever.  We had dinner at Society, which is casual and in the hotel.  Grace has been raving about some ribeye she had there for years.  I don't know how it could have lived up to the hype, but she was pleased with it again.

On Saturday, Bobby, Eddie and I met at 6am to play golf at Paiute.  It was our first time playing there.  They have three courses and we played Wolf, which is the signature course.  It was very challenging and beautiful.  A member joined us, which was helpful for some local knowledge.

The rest of the gang hung out at an Encore cabana for the day and we joined them in the afternoon.  Saturday night, all nine of us piled into the rental truck to head over to our usual Mon Ami Gabi.  For the first time, we sat virtually outside with a great view of the Bellagio fountain show.  Lucas was very excited.

On Sunday, the boys golfed at our usual Bear's Best.  It was another beautiful (but hot) day.  Grace got a cabana on the Wynn side and everyone unanimously agreed the pool and the cabanas are much better over there.  There's a canal that connects two large pools, which was the perfect depth and width for the kids to play.  Sunday evening we celebrated Eddie's birthday early at Carnevino.

For the first time, everyone flew out on Monday morning, which gave us a full weekend together.  It was a little brutal to get up at 4am, but we were doing our best to get the kids to school and adults to work.  Everyone got a little more rest on our short flight home.

It was another great trip that is all too familiar from the hotel, restaurants, golf courses, dealers and pit bosses.  That said, it never gets old.  In the end, I'm glad the kids joined us because we all had a great time with them and they wore out Uncle Ray and Uncle Bobby.  They better not get too used to the cabana lifestyle.

By Jason Rhee · September 16, 2014 · 0 Comments ·