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Pork and Punch Party at Molly and Kjell's

On Saturday, I ventured solo to SF for Molly and Kjell's annual Pork and Punch party. In anticipation of the spread, I did not eat any pork all day (untrue, actually - started the day with a ham and cheese omelette). The pièce de résistance was again the mail-order jamón ibérico (is there a word for mixing languages like metaphors?).

It was nice to catch up with friends outside of the office. I really only went to see Oliver. He really only wanted what was on my plate. Thanks for a great time!

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December Beach Day in Half Moon Bay

Grace is on a girls weekend in Chicago / Lake Michigan. There was some serious plumbing going on at the house, so we had to get out of there. HMB is my go-to for having a day outdoors with the kids. I'd say there's a routine, but every wave is different and makes for an adventurous time.

It was crazy to see what the recent storms did to erode the beach. Shortly after walking off the steps there's about a 5-6' sand cliff to the newly contoured beach. The seas were still pretty rough and I did have some fear of the kids getting washed away. There was a low-point on the beach that I told Olivia to avoid, though she kept taunting the ocean. This young couple went for a stroll right into that area and were soon soaked to mid-thigh of their rolled-up jeans. It was funny, but also made my point to O.

Though there were some scuffles and a war of wills, there was also a lot of teamwork. We had a late lunch at the hotel before heading home. HMB is always a great little getaway for us and it turned out to be a beatiful late-Autumn day.

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Michigan Holiday Party at the Burnetts

Last Friday, Amy and Grady hosted our annual holiday dinner and white elephant gift exchange.  Two years ago, it was a smaller gathering and was quite civilized.  The rules were clear.  The ladies exchanged "nice" gifts and the guys exchanged "fun" gifts.  Last year, we had dinner out in the city.  

Somehow, the Thornes moved back to the Bay Area and the gloves came off.  It's unclear if everyone got the memo about the rules, but once Morgan stole a guys gift, all hell broke loose.  It made for a spirited exchange and there were some gifts that were just not going to find a new owner.  I actually re-gifted my Michigan gnome from two years ago, but after being stored and moved all this time, it had self destructed.  A replacement was promptly delivered.

Thanks to the Burnetts for hosting another amazing event.  Something tells me these gifts are going to keep on giving.  Happy Holidays and GO BLUE!

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Kellogg Holiday Party at the Rantas

Back on November 23, 2014, Euni and Eric hosted our annual holiday party for the Kellogg crew.  This was our first time meeting baby Ellie.  The Logan-Longs also made the trek down from Marin.  Rhonda, Ky and Malia made the long, long trek down from Seattle and it was so good to see them and give them a hug.

Also making an appearance was a giant d!ldo in Euni's cupboard, which she tried to blame on Michelle, who wasn't even there.  The beautiful Orlando Bloom pillow re-appeared, giving hope that the old music box might also be re-gifted, but alas, it was not meant to be (yet).  Tony took the opportunity to clean out his drawers and I ended up with a box of floppy disks (high density), 10 of which might not hold one of these photos in raw format.  I think they were also older than some of my co-workers.  From the photos, it's clear Noah was the big winner.

Happy Holidays and thanks to the Rantas for hosting!

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Aunt Jen

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Kids and Grandma

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Dim Sum and Tiburon with Moons

The day after Thanksgiving, our families met up with the Moons and Mike's parents and brother for Dim Sum at Yank Sing in SF. Afterward, Clara and Mike invited everyone over to their new home in Tiburon, which is beautiful in every sense. The kids watched Avatar in their full-on theater, complete with retracting curtains.

It's been a while since we've seen them, so it was nice to catch up, especially in such a serene and resort-like environment. I don't think anyone missed Black Friday shopping. We were able to catch a Tiburon sunset from their amazing hill-top view before we set off for home.

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Thanksgiving with Parks and Rhees

This year, we hosted both sides of the family at our house. It's always nice to have all the grandparents, parents, siblings and cousins together. The original plan was to eat out, but my preference is to eat at home. I guess that's easy for me to say because I'm not in charge of cooking, but Grace obliged.

I volunteered to "cook" the turkey, which mostly entailed making a fire and obsessing over my new remote thermometer, which was beeping most of the day, indicating the temperature was out of band. Despite cooking in half the expected time, everything turned out great.

We didn't have any money on whether or not Grace's dad would rake the yard, but just when. Big thanks to Grace, the moms and Jen for a solid lunch, beautiful appetizers and a full Thanksgiving spread. I hope no one regretted not going out to eat. I know I did not.

As always, we all have much for which to be thankful. Mostly we can be thankful to be able to spend time with our loved ones, young and old. Happy Thanksgiving!

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QT with Lee and Kim Kids

Last weekend, Jea and Eddie hosted us and Ana and Bobby for Christine and Jin's wedding. We got in some quality time with Emma, Ethan, Audrey, Caden, and Colin. These kids are growing up (too) fast. Cuties all of them.

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Christine & Jin's Wedding Weekend

On Friday, November 14th, Grace and I took a morning flight to Washington DC to attend Christine and Jin's wedding. I used to fly to Washington National (Reagan) weekly during my consulting days, but it has been almost 20 years since then. Upon our arrival, we went straight to Jea and Eddie's house. Ana, Bobby, Caden and Colin had just pulled in from NJ.

All of the adults and Colin headed over to the rehearsal dinner, where the celebration was getting under way. It was there that we not only finally met Christine, but also where our reunion was beginning. There were so many old friends (and family) who were brought together by this couple. Jin and I grew up going to church, camp and college together. We were also in the same fraternity to seal our brotherhood.

After 40 courses of meat (Brazilian steak house), Christine and Jin held their Paebaek. I think Jin enjoyed his traditional hanbok a little too much. They both looked great!

On Saturday, the wedding was held at Trump National CC, where Christine's dad (and coincidentally, Eddie) are members. It is a beautiful place with sweeping views of the Potomac beyond the golf course. The first people I saw were Chip and Dean, who were ushers. I saw Chip last month, but it has been almost a decade since I've seen Dean.

The wedding was officiated by my childhood friend, Shawn. Over 10 years ago we saw him preside over one of his first weddings. This was his 36th and it did not disappoint. Not only was his message honest and heartfelt, but it was hilarious as well. I'm still stinging a bit from Taylor Swift leaving Spotify, but Shawn invoked her lyrics in his sermon, reminding me of her young wisdom.

As we walked into dinner, each guest (including Bobby) was given Maize and Blue pom poms. Christine had arranged a surprise for Jin where the wedding party would enter with Hail to the Victors being played by the band. It was a first for me and also a sign of true love.

The reception continued our reunion of friends from so many different phases of life, most recently Jin's bachelor party. The first toast was given by Anish and I'm pretty sure everyone was terrified. The last time I saw him was 3 AM in Las Vegas and I know what he's capable of. He was given many guidelines (restrictions) and still most of his speech was redacted by his wife. Still, he managed to work in "fecal matter," "green energy," and "natural gas" into his speech. It was awesome and unsurprising. Younger siblings, Jin-(Sir) and Irene did such a great job, too. However, Matron of Honor, Jenny came armed with some amazing visual aids. She had texts with Christine before she even met Jin. They were so prescient about their wedding that Jenny saved them just so she could use them in her toast! What a payoff!

I should note that the wedding band came all the way from NY and was amazing. They killed everything they played. I should also note that my camera is great at a lot of things, but evening wedding photos is not one of them. I did my best, and by best, I mean a few face melting snap shots on the dance floor.

On Sunday, we went over to Christine's parents' beautiful home in McLean. It was our last chance to see everyone before we went our separate ways again. I don't know when we'll all be together again, but hopefully it will be the next time Christine and Jin visit California.

We're so happy for Christine, Jin and Tommy. They're already a beautiful and loving family and we wish them the best. Congratulations!

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